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Save On Your Electric Bill This Summer

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how to save on your electric bill this summer with few air conditioning tipsOnce again summer time is here and your swim trunks and bikini’s are not going to be the only thing your going to need to bring out!

With the way global warming is developing the heat is not the only thing that will go up this summer, your ELECTRIC BILL too!.

Get ready to bring out your wallet to pay for the spike in your electric bill. Unless of coarse you get informed on…..


Below you will find a few easy ways to save on your electric bill this summer with simple habits you can even implement all year round. These few tips can help you SAVE hundreds, with these savings maybe you can round up a few extra dollars and take a well deserved mini vacation this summer. You will be surprised what a few simple tweets at home can save you a month on your electric bill. There are many energy efficient solutions today that can even eliminate your electricity bill all together!

1. ADJUST THE THERMOSTATprogrammable thermostat can save you money on your summer electric bill

If you have a central air conditioner you have to have a thermostat, but is that thermostat a programmable one? With a programmable thermostat you can set the hours of the day you want to run your air conditioning. Having your air off when no one is home and set it to start when your on your way home so you never feel the heat of the summer…. or the hole in your wallet. If you want to take your savings to another level, Aim to set your thermostat to 78 degrees when your home, giving you the perfect balance between energy and savings. By adding a programmable thermostat correctly to your home the average home can save up to $150

With this simple energy efficiency solution and sacrificing a few degrees you can lower the time your air conditioning runs and save $$$.

2. CLEAN THE AIR FILTERmake sure you change your air filter every three months to save electricity

No matter if you have a central air or a room air conditioner, without a clean air filter its efficiency will lower, making the air unit run more
and work harder to get the same job done. Costing you more energy and more money. Check your air conditioning systems air filter monthly and expect to invest in a new filter every three months. For a few more dollars you can purchase a reusable air filter made out of plastic that you can hose down every month.


If you own a central air watt patrol recommends you to get a check up once a year. One of our certified technicians should be able to diagnose any inefficiencies before you have wasted your money on your monthly cooling or heating bills. Get a FREE appointment today


Think small, if you only need to cool one room a window air conditioning unit is much more efficient, using a lot less energy and investment than a central air system. Make sure you see what options you have and get advise from a certified technician before you purchase a system that is too BIG for your space. You can also check out the Governments Energy Star Guide thats fairly handy

5. GET SOME SHADEhome with tree infront to save electricity

If your one of those that loves the daylight pouring in thru your windows, well i have news for you! you are starring at your dollars fly away.
I know we all love our daylight but if we are willing to sacrifice some sunlight with a few beautiful trees or shrubs around our windows, not only will you save money but help the overall energy crisis and our global impact on the environment. Now, If trees or shrubs don’t sound like a decorative touch you’d like, here at Watt Patrol one of our professional Window Tint Installers can give your windows a new finish that will save you money on your electricity bill in the summer. We offer lifetime warranty on our film, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

5. KEEP THE HEAT OUT OF THE KITCHENif you bake in the summer you will spend alot more lecetricity

Avoid baking when the heat is scorching outside. Were not here to stop your culinary inspirations either but….maybe you can try some cold dishes or low-heat meals, like salads and sandwiches. The less heat you make in your home, the less you have to spend to cool it back down.


On days with high humidity set the AC fan on low. I know common sense tells you the faster the cooler but in fact, research shows the slower speed actually removes moisture from the air. On drier days you can take advantage of your fans full capacity and put it on high to help out your A/C.


If you want to save on your electric bill this summer and for the rest of the year then click here to find out about other energy efficient solutions that can slice your bill in more than half! No catch, No Tricks, Only Technology! From Smarter Lighting to Renewable Energy Solutions.Free-Energy Efficiency Analysis guide