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Watt Patrol

Watt Patrol is a unique blend of eco-friendly products for energy reduction and overhead management. Our products vary from commercial to industrial to residential use, covering many more benefits than just energy savings.
Many people ask us what is the main benefit of our products and the truth is it can not be answered in a sentence or a paragraph, Even though we have attempted to explain our true purpose in a few words its always been hard to but if we had to say, it would have to be our service. Our products speak for themselves and are as good as any other high quality product out there but our service is where we go beyond our competition.
Although for many decades electricity has been a luxury we simply have paid for and have over looked its cost to us, it doesn’t mean there is no way to lower or even completely eliminating it by producing your own energy. The days of remembering to turn off the bathroom lights or the warehouse lights before leaving to save a few bucks on your electric bill at the end of the month are over.
Watt Patrol is an energy solutions company the doesn’t simply save you money but can also implement operations and monitoring systems along with sensors to optimize your energy consumption on a day to day basis.


LED Lighting Solutions

Watt Patrol offers all levels and types of LED Lighting for any application. If you are remodeling your retail space or need better lighting in your warehouse we can access how many lights you need and do a free lighting audit Find out more on our LED Lighting Solutions CLICK HERE

Solar Solutions

Buying energy is a thing of the past. whether your looking to power your 20,000SQFT building or simply your 1200SQFT home we have everything you need. We offer a full Solar Solution for your home and being a distributor we get wholesale pricing. Check out how good of an investment this is. CLICK HERE

Impact Windows and Doors

Bye Bye Shutters! With our impact windows and doors not only are you going to be stress free through hurricane season but you will have year round savings on your electric bill. With our energy efficient options you can reduce the amount of heat that goes through the glass into your home or business. Ohh! and we almost forgot, save some green on your insurance policy too. Find out all the additional features and perks of impact windows and doors. CLICK HERE

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